Online time tracking? Yes, but make it secure!

askDANTE takes the security of your data seriously

To us, your time tracking data is valuable. That’s why we don’t want to make any compromises when it comes to security. The security concept of askDANTE corresponds with proven methods from online banking or e-commerce – including SSL encryption, data protection and backups.

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Encrypted data communications

As soon as you start using askDANTE, your entire data communications are automatically encrypted with SSL. No one can wiretap you. This form of encryption is used e.g. for online banking or payment transactions on the Internet.

Security through SSL encryption
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All data you enter remains in Germany

Your data remains in Germany

There are many providers and everyone is talking about “Cloud.” But where does your data actually end up? With askDANTE, your data remains in our datacenter in Germany and does not disappear out in the wide world.

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Automatic backup

Naturally, all of your data is secured through our separate backup. This ensures that your valuable data is always protected from technical problems. Better safe than sorry.

Time tracking backups
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We do not save any bank data online

We do not save any bank data

We do not save any fully qualified bank- or payment data on our askDANTE servers. All payment processes are transacted with security-certified partners. So that your data can never fall into the wrong hands.

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