Time tracking, easy and online

Well-organized tracking of work time - with calendar and stopwatch

askDANTE offers several options for tracking your times - because everyone is different. You can simply enter your times – as a timeframe with start and end, or just as duration. With the stopwatch, you can record your work steps live.

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Time tracking

Timesheet for time tracking

You can enter times here especially quickly. Several entry variations are available to render your tracking as easy as possible. All entries can be booked based on clients, projects and activities.


Time tracking with the stopwatch

As soon as you begin a task, you can start the stopwatch. When you’re finished, the entry is automatically saved when you click the stop button. This allows you to easily track your times down to the minute.

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Virtual terminal

Virtuelles Terminal

You like to record the attendance and break times? Then your staff can use the virtual time clock to check in and out. Or you take advantage of our material time tracking terminals.

List of all entries from time tracking

Everything in view

All of your time tracking entries are displayed and added up for you every day. Billable hours are marked and a day result is calculated. So you can stay on top of things.

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Some tasks repeat themselves. That’s why you can simply create a new time entry from your list of “favorites” without spending lots of time searching for the right project.

List of favorites for time tracking
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Creating team entries in time tracking

Team entries

If a whole team is sitting together at an appointment – then why should each person need to enter his/her own different times? When team entries are activated, this problem is a thing of the past.

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