Using time tracking for personnel development

Who took how long for what task? A look at individual work times shows strengths and weaknesses of employees and offers a targeted basis for personnel development and data for skill management in the company.

Using time tracking for personnel development

Time tracking not only assists calculation, invoicing and controlling of projects. A look at work times also reveals the talents and strengths of employees, which are to be promoted. At the same time, possible weaknesses can be identified and counteracted with seminars and further training in a targeted way:

  • After introducing new software, who is still having trouble using it and needs further training?
  • For which tasks do new employees still need support to optimize work sequences?
  • Who performs certain tasks especially efficiently and could be appointed expert for his/her subject area?

Supporting, not monitoring

But in no way is this about monitoring employees or even dismissing them for poor performance. Instead, internal personnel development is to be supported in a targeted manner and each person promoted and trained based on his/her individual abilities. This purpose must be clearly communicated to employees. Because if people feel under (performance) pressure, they will tend to enter incorrect times in an effort to hide weaknesses.

Skill and talent management in companies

For companies, it’s important to know the talents and weaknesses of employees in order to best apply resources and optimize work sequences. In skill management, all employee abilities should therefore be continuously tracked in digital form. Findings from the time tracking software also flow into this.

Internal talent management even goes a step further: Abilities are not only documented but further enhanced and promoted. This allows, for example, the development of long-term potential successors for open (management) positions in the company.

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