Time tracking for freelancers

Which apps and software do freelancers use in their daily work? BestVendor has identified 25 top freelancer tools. The subject of time tracking, however, is not included – despite the fact that it is so important for freelancers.

Time tracking for freelancers

Not surprisingly, freelancers most frequently use free Google services, such as Analytics, Gmail, Docs or Calendar. But also instruments for exchanging data like Dropbox and iCloud are popular, as is project management software, and tools for preparing invoices. What’s also apparent: Freelancers love Cloud-based applications. BestVendor compiled the results of its survey of 97 freelancers in 2012 in an infographic.

However, one subject is missing among the top 25: time tracking. And what better application is there for this than askDANTE?

Time is money – especially for freelancers

If there’s an order to be invoiced based on a fixed price, freelancers need to be able to realistically estimate their abilities and work times. Because if they need longer for the project than planned, they will not only be basically working for free but may even have to neglect other ongoing projects. Guesstimating is not enough. A look at time tracking, however, supplies reliable results based on past, similar projects.

And based on the time recorded for ongoing orders, freelancers can see which tasks took longer than planned. Then it should be assessed whether this is due to unforeseeable extra hours resulting from additional requests or whether it is due to a freelancer’s miscalculation of required work time. The first can be subsequently invoiced to the customer; the latter needs to be considered in future, similar projects.

Time tracking software is, of course, indispensable when orders are invoiced 1:1 based on hourly work. All tasks need to be recorded in the form of a timesheet as a basis for the invoice and for gapless documentation.

askDANTE for freelancers

Freelancers often work on several projects for various clients at the same time. With askDANTE, individual hourly rates can be set for all tasks and clients. Freelancers also often need to be mobile and flexible. That’s why they can use askDANTE any time and with any mobile device - and the fair prepaid system is flexible too. Naturally, freelancers can also test askDANTE first for 30 days free!



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