Billing work time

Work time should be recorded as thoroughly as possible. But not every tracked task can be charged to the customer. Which tasks cannot be invoiced, and how can they be avoided?

Billing work time

Many companies and freelancers do not charge for work that could be included in the invoice because work times are not thoroughly recorded. Detailed and diligent time tracking is therefore a first requirement for being able to assess how many work hours were invested in a project. Then you need to determine which tasks can be charged and which cannot.

What specific work is performed for the customer but cannot be invoiced? Naturally, every company and every freelancer needs to define the individual invoicing culture. However, this non-billable work normally includes administrative and organizational tasks.

Typical task areas that cannot be invoiced

Unnecessarily long meetings, poor internal communication and coordination, along with the resulting redundant processes are hard to justify and are therefore usually not billable. Inefficient processes should be identified and eradicated so that billable tasks can be performed in their place.

Tasks tied to project management are often a point of dispute. These are a part of every client project and, to a certain extent, can also be invoiced. Billable tasks include e.g. answering client e-mails. Work such as order- and invoice preparation, as well as general administrative- or planning tasks are normally not invoiced.

Frequently, new employees need to be trained. They need more time for their tasks than experienced workers. A review or replacement of their work is often necessary. Such work cannot be fully invoiced to the customer. The same applies to e.g. problems with the own infrastructure or errors that are one’s own responsibility.

Invoicing with the time tracking software askDANTE

With askDANTE, you can decide on first entering of tasks whether the tracked hours are billable or not. Also important for the client is a detailed timesheet listing all work hours – regardless whether billable or not. The timesheets are easy to create with askDANTE and can be exported as PDF or Excel files.

In conclusion: Regardless whether freelancer or firm - every project contains tasks that cannot be invoiced. What matters is clarifying whether these tasks are truly necessary or whether they can be reduced.

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