Time tracking with app

As a regular feature, askDANTE online time tracking offers optimized display on mobile devices. The new app for iOS and Android now provides even more convenience for mobile time tracking while you’re on the go.

Time tracking with app

People who travel a lot for work often track their times at the end of the day. This not only means a high administrative burden; time entries can also easily go missing. But this is over now because askDANTE is offering a time tracking app for your smartphone. You can track your work times anywhere, anytime, whether you are on site with a customer, on a train, or in a hotel.

Mobile time tracking with smartphones

With the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, askDANTE will become your constant companion and offer you even greater convenience. As usual, you can track times live with the stopwatch, or enter them in the timesheet. The entry features have been specially optimized for display on small screens. Naturally, all datasets can be viewed at any time and subsequently revised.

Time tracking to go – Let’s get started!

You can download the askDANTE app for free in the App Store or Google Play Store. Then simply log in with the login info from the web application and you can get started with your mobile time tracking. For optimal performance, the app should be installed on a current smartphone; for Android users, we recommend at least version 4. And if you still encounter the occasional problem, the background image can be deactivated.

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