Time tracking as a Windows application

Let’s be honest: Who doesn’t get distracted surfing the web during working hours and spending time on social networking sites? The new Windows Client by askDANTE helps you to resist this temptation and work more productively.

Time tracking as a Windows application

Online time tracking has lots of advantages – but certainly a major disadvantage as well: Opening the web browser to record work times can lead to a variety of distractions. You give in because the temptation to just quickly check the latest news is too great. And then you’ve lost valuable work time.

Offline time tracking on the desktop

Now we can help Windows users gain more self-discipline and productivity: With the new local Windows application by askDANTE, times can be conveniently tracked from your desktop - without needing to open your browser or even be online at all. Our Windows Client can be easily accessed via the desktop icon, the start menu, or the taskbar. And, naturally, it also synchronizes online with the server.

Windows Client by askDANTE is, of course, also well suited for those with willpower – because it is a great and practical helper throughout your workday!

Time tracking on the desktop

The core functions at a glance

The Windows application is limited to the core functions of our time tracking:

  • Track times "live" with the stopwatch
  • Record times after the fact with the form
  • View, change and delete entries in the day overview

All other activities, such as the management of customers, projects, budgets and hourly rates, along with the preparation of timesheets, invoices and analyses take place, as usual, via the browser.

askDANTE for Windows - it’s easy

Curious? Then download your free Windows Client by askDANTE here! Simply install, log in with the login data from the online platform. No further software is needed. System requirement is Windows 7 or Windows 8.

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