Stylish themes for time tracking

Time tracking accompanies us all day long. That’s why not only functions and usability are important, but the software should be visually fun as well. askDANTE offers various themes – including several soccer designs for the World Cup.

Stylish themes for time tracking

What type of person are you? What are you in the mood for today? When you use online time tracking with askDANTE, you can choose among a variety of themes at any time. A theme determines the background image, the colors, and transparency features so you can change the user interface according to your individual preferences and mood. Because tastes differ and we want you to enjoy askDANTE even more.

The right theme for every preference

As a standard feature, a charming little robot greets you when you log in to askDANTE. But maybe you already have soccer fever? Then you can choose between beach soccer with soothing colors, the beach, and the sea, or a rougher version of soccer as a sport for the ambitious.

Time tracking online themes Wordl Cup 2014

We offer specials for major events and dates, naturally for the World Cup 2014 as well. The stadium theme will get you in the mood for this summer’s soccer. And for those who prefer to not have background photos, we also offer abstract backgrounds, be they warm and earthy, or cool. In any case, you’ll have plenty to look forward to – because more themes will follow in the future.

Would you like to have your own theme, e.g. with your company’s corporate identity? Contact us!

Changing themes in askDANTE – it’s easy

To change your theme, first log in at In the user management in the upper right corner, you will find the option select design. Here you will find all available themes. In addition to the background image, you get an impression of the color spectrum of the user elements. Once you’ve found the right theme just click save.

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