Dante says 'Hello' to the world

It is December 2013 and the weather is rainy and foggy instead of cold and snowy. I guess there will be no white Christmas for us this year. But anyway, we are very excited about our new big project for the next year.

We plan to launch our new time tracking software 'askDANTE' in January 2014, which will be our first worldwide SaaS product.

For the last ten years we have worked on dozens of enterprise software projects for our customers.

It's time for a change. It's time to create our own product based on our experiences as a service provider in the software industry. It's time to take the first small steps:

  • launching the new website askdante.com
  • promoting askdante for the first time
  • writing the first blog article

The service itself will be launched in January, but until then there are still a lot of challenges to manage.
Register now and stay tuned.

Christmas may come!

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