Customers and projects always in view

Flexibly set up project structures

The most important thing for a service provider is the customer and the project. In askDANTE, you can track your customers and flexibly assign projects, sub-projects and hourly rates to them. This renders your time tracking an important tool for your project management.

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Customer management

You can easily add and manage new customers. The detail view immediately informs you of current activities and, among other things, provides a timesheet in Excel and PDF for this customer. Customers can be filed or permanently deleted.

List- and detail view of customer management
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Management of projects and sub-projects

Projects and sub-projects

Projects can be assigned to a customer. Once project durations are entered, the time tracking shows availability. Access can be limited to a group of users. Hourly rates are flexibly set. Each project can contain further sub-projects when the corresponding setting is activated.

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