Mobile with app and desktop client

Your constant companion in your office and while out and about.

Online time tracking is good and practical. But we also need to be able to perfectly integrate our constant companion into our environment. That’s why askDANTE offers an app for smartphones in addition to the user interface on the Internet, plus a program for time tracking on your PC. With both, you can directly access your askDANTE account.

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The app for iPhone and Android

Smartphones are our daily companions – all the time and everywhere. The app for Android and iPhone offers you easy access to your mobile time tracking that is optimized for your cell phone. The apps are available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Mobile time tracking for iPhone and Android
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Optimized entry for tablets

askDANTE on a tablet

The user interface of askDANTE has been specially optimized in many points for touch displays. For large tablets, we therefore recommend the use of the normal web interface. For tablets with smaller displays, installing the corresponding app can be a good idea.

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Windows desktop client

For all those who work on their Windows PC several hours a day, we have something special: The desktop client offers real integration of time tracking on your PC. After installation, the small tool can be easily opened with the right mouse button in the task bar. Windows Client can also be downloaded for free.

Time tracking on a Windows PC with the desktop client
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