Analyze your time tracking

Overview and analyses with reporting and timesheets

What was worked on for how long? Which tasks wasted time? What can I improve in the future? For these and other questions, askDANTE provides lots of diagrams and reports. Whether for your monthly invoice or for project monitoring: “The crucial thing is what comes out at the end.”

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The reporting tool

In addition to the timesheets provided for users, projects and customers, you can carry out your own analyses with the reporting tool. You can randomly filter and examine all data. Naturally, you can also download the result.

Analyze time tracking with the reporting tool
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Analyses as downloads in PDF or Excel

Analyses as PDF and Excel file

Time tracking data is not only analyzed but also further processed, e.g. in invoices or working time accounts. In askDANTE, you have all timesheets and downloads as PDF or Excel files.

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In-context reporting

In askDANTE, you will find small graphics and report tiles everywhere. These always show the most important information on the currently selected area, regardless whether homepage, customer, project or user. This helps you to keep track of things even faster.

Report tiles show time tracking analysis
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