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Track your time online – and then?
With askDANTE, you can quickly and easily create timesheets as PDF or Excel files and download them. For invoices, as documentation, for further processing, or just for yourself.

Tracking time online is only half the story. An easy and professional analysis for further processing is just as important. That’s why you can export all timesheets and reports as PDF or XLS files (for Excel) with askDANTE.

Timesheets play a key role in logging work performed for projects, e.g. for invoicing hour-based work. A clear overview of logged hours can provide important information with regard to adhering to your budget. Even if a task happens to take a bit longer – we want to learn from that for the future. The askDANTE timesheets and reports will help you to do this.

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The premade timesheets can be created and exported at various levels in askDANTE. For a project, you receive a list of logged hours. For your clients, you receive an overview of tracked times for all of their projects. And, naturally, you can also retrieve an individual list of hours for yourself or for a colleague.

Need more than the timesheet templates? Then create your own report with all data that is important for you. Of course, you can also download all reports as PDF and XLS files.