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No matter where, no matter when. Time tracking with askDANTE is possible anytime and from any location where there is a network connection. Performance and project times can be measured quite conveniently via laptop, PC, or smartphone. Equally interesting for freelancers and companies.

A mobile time tracking system must be one thing above all else: It must be clearly arranged and simple even while managing its full scope of operation. Especially since precise tracking is particularly important for the success of freelancers and project teams.

askDANTE offers you a lean and professional option for logging your work time for projects and tasks. You can access your time tracking account anytime online or via an app on your mobile device. With just a few clicks, you have logged your time and can get back to your real work.

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In the end, you have a clear and simple analysis of tracked time. Timesheets and reports can be exported and further processed as PDF or XLS files.

The cloud service of askDANTE will be available to you immediately after registration. Update installation, administration, and hosting fees do not apply. And all that with full data security. With its flexible runtime and convenient credit system, this solution is especially well-suited for freelancers and small to mid-sized companies.

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Cloud Service

Your benefits:

Use in the free cloud with full data security

Flexible term, convenient credit system

Suitable for:

Freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses

Private Server

Your benefits:

Hosting on the private server provided by askDANTE

Flat monthly fee, can be cancelled annually

Suitable for:

Small and medium-sized businesses

License Version

Your benefits:

Hosting on your server

One-time license fee + 1 year updates and support included

Optional: Updates and support starting in the second year at a flat fee, can be cancelled annually

Suitable for:

Small and medium-sized businesses with own data servers