Time tracking for Windows

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With askDANTE, you can not only quickly and easily track your times online; our time tracking is also available as a real, local Windows application. Simply install the Windows Client on your computer and you can record your work- and project times from your desktop.

The online time tracking software askDANTE enables you to create timesheets anytime and from any device. And if you work with a Windows computer, time tracking is even more convenient: With Windows Client, you can use askDANTE directly on your desktop. Just download, install, and register with the login data from the online platform. You don’t need any additional software.

askDANTE for Windows is an easy helper that is always available. You can simply access it via the desktop icon, the start menu, or the taskbar. Your time tracking will accompany you all day and you can track times even when you do not currently have a browser open.

The time tracking for the desktop displays the core functions of askDANTE: You can track times with the stopwatch or track via the form and view, change, or delete the entries of the day under history. All data is synchronized online with the server.

You continue to manage your clients and projects using the browser. There you can e.g. define prices and hourly rates, control budgets and costs, or create timesheets, accounts and analyses. Naturally, there is no extra charge for using askDANTE’s Windows Client. System requirement is Windows 7 or Windows 8.

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