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App for time tracking from askDANTE Time tracking app for iphone and android smartphones

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Professional time tracking to go – anytime and anywhere. The time tracking solution app by askDANTE makes it possible: It has never been easier to track and manage your times while staying mobile. You can download the askDANTE app for your iPhone and your Android smartphone for free!

With the askDANTE app, we offer you a practical solution for professional time tracking in the form of a constant companion. Simply install the application via the iOS App Store or Google Play Store for free and you can start mobile time tracking online!

Whether on the subway, on a train, or in a hotel - open the app by askDANTE and conveniently track your times from wherever you are. Do you need the duration or time frame of your work times to be tracked using the form? You can decide yourself which variation suits you best.

Are you more the endurance type and fully focus on a task or project? Then the stopwatch may become your preferred function. With this, you can track your hours “live.”

And should you occasionally lose track of things, your app will display what you have already recorded at any time. You can also subsequently revise and adapt old datasets.

Naturally, we place great value on user-friendliness. That’s why the time tracking app is optimized for entering your times on small mobile phone screens.

For optimal performance of the app, you should own a current smartphone; for Android users, we recommend the Android version 4 or higher. If the app cannot be smoothly used, you have the option of turning off the background image and thereby improving performance.

Once you have installed the application, you can login with askDANTE with your usual access data. Your data is then saved in your account online and can also be used for use on the web.

From now on, you can record your work- and project times while you’re out and about – easily and effectively. Don’t have an askDANTE account yet? Then test askDANTE for 30 days for free with no strings attached. Then you can choose whether and how you would like to use the time tracking software.

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