Time tracking at the terminal

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Do you need a time-tracking terminal for uncomplicated tracking of arrivals, departures and breaks? askDANTE offers you the right solution for your company.

Work time tracking – or a bit more?

With our time-tracking terminal, askDANTE becomes the perfect solution for classic work time tracking. Employees, cost centers or projects, and wage records are easily and conveniently configured via the web application. Naturally, you can also continue to combine all other functions such as work performance records, invoicing or leave management – as well as Windows Client and the smartphone app.

Easy installation with plug-and-play

Regardless whether cloud service, private server or license server: Our time-tracking terminals can be seamlessly integrated in your selected solution. The devices we preconfigure automatically connect with your askDANTE server – without troublesome installations.

Identification with RFID or fingerprint

Our terminal solutions support all standard identification processes, such as RFID by chip or card, or fingerprint. Naturally, you can integrate the terminals in your current solutions (e.g. access systems).

Terminal solution

Workflows beyond time tracking

With a new series of terminals, askDANTE offers you the possibility to individually integrate new and interesting functions on the terminal - there is a variety of options. Use e.g. the door terminal in the waiting area as advertising space. Or order food in the cafeteria in the morning using the terminal. Remind your employees of important dates. We’ll be pleased to advise you and develop individual and beneficial applications with you.

Individual all-in-one solution

askDANTE offers you various terminal versions with different feature options. First we will discuss your individual requirements for devices, workflows and technical connections. Then we will create the perfect solution for you.

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