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askDANTE licensed server for time tracking AskDante on your own server
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Buy instead of leasing: Book askDANTE time tracking now as a software license version for your company system.

With askDANTE software, you track time exclusively on your servers. Your data and that of your employees always remain in the company’s system.

At the same time, you have access to all product

updates, which you can regularly install in your system.

Each software package contains a maximum number of simultaneously activated users. Updates and support are included in the first year.

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Number of users License fee for first year License fee per year starting from the second year
10 EUR 750,00 EUR 165,00
25 EUR 1.800,00 EUR 396,00
50 EUR 3.400,00 EUR 748,00
100 EUR 6.000,00 EUR 1.320,00
150 EUR 8.700,00 EUR 1.914,00
200 EUR 11.200,00 EUR 2.464,00
500 EUR 23.500,00 EUR 5.170,00
All prices are quoted plus VAT

You purchase a company-based user license; the software is provided to you to download. Updates and support are free during the first year and can be booked after this time for a flat annual fee. The term is 12 months and is automatically extended by a further 12 months if the contract is not cancelled in writing at least 4 weeks before expiry. Updates and support may only be purchased with the software. Once the contract term has been discontinued, new software versions are only available with the purchase of a new license.

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User upgrades

Your company is growing and you’d like further users to have access to the software? You can upgrade to an extended license at any time. Fees for additional services such as updates and support will not be increased until the next cycle.

Exclusive software on your servers

When you purchase the askDANTE software version, all administrative tasks remain in your company’s hand. Product and security updates are provided for you to install in your system.

Updates and support

These can be booked for a flat annual fee and are included during the first year. You are offered e-mail support for questions regarding installation and the use of askDANTE time-tracking software. All product- and software updates will be provided to you.

System requirements

To use askDANTE on your own servers, you will need PostgreSQL 9 and higher, Java 7 and higher, Tomcat 7 and higher, and a Linux and Windows Server.

Cloud Service

Your benefits:

Use in the free cloud with full data security

Flexible term, convenient credit system

Suitable for:

Freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses

Private Server

Your benefits:

Hosting on the private server provided by askDANTE

Flat monthly fee, can be cancelled annually

Suitable for:

Small and medium-sized businesses

License Version

Your benefits:

Hosting on your server

One-time license fee + 1 year updates and support included

Optional: Updates and support starting in the second year at a flat fee, can be cancelled annually

Suitable for:

Small and medium-sized businesses with own data servers

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