Princing for online time tracking askDANTE

Pricing Cloud Service

On expiry of your trial period, you can choose to continue to use askDANTE for a fee. askDANTE uses a prepaid system with which you may decide at any time how you would like to proceed. There is no subscription trap or cancellation notice period. For use, you purchase credits and spend them. You can purchase credits in larger sums and gradually spend them. Or you purchase new credits whenever you need one. In simple terms:

1 user/month = 1 credit
1 credit = 5 euro *
* Price quoted plus VAT, depending on the domicile (country) of the invoice recipient

When is a credit spent?

At the beginning of a calendar month, one credit is automatically spent per registered user. Nothing is spent for users who are archived or who have been deleted. If you activate a user for time tracking for the first time or anew (e.g. user “New,” recover file etc.), a credit falls due for the current calendar month with retroactive effect.

Helping new customers get started

Once you have chosen to use askDANTE on a fee basis and have purchased credits, we will extend your free use of the system to the beginning of the next calendar month. This will prevent that your new credits are used for the month that has already begun.

Are there quantity discounts and special offers?

We are planning quantity discounts and special offers for the future. Sign up for our newsletter so that you can stay up to date.

How can I pay?

By credit card and all other payment modes via PayPal.

Can I overdraw my account?

If your account is overdrawn, you have 7 days to balance it and purchase new credits. We will inform you of your overdraft by e-mail. If the account is not balanced within 7 days, it will be set to “read only.” If the account has not been balanced three months after being overdrawn the data is deleted by us for reasons of data privacy.