Features of the time tracking software

askDANTE offers you a number of functions and options from the very beginning. The following list will provide an overview.

As we view the development of such a platform as a never-ending process, we have also listed some functions that we will be releasing shortly. The functions are marked with the following symbols:

  • Function completed and available
  • Function completed but not yet available or in testing
  • Function planned and not yet completed
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Time tracking

Creating timesheets with askDANTE
  • Time tracking

    The most important function in askDANTE. Here, you can enter and update your project- and work times. The times are booked for projects, subprojects and customers, and have a small notes field.

  • Calendar

    The calendar gives you a fast overview of your tracked times and a short monthly analysis. With the calendar, you can quickly and easily access all days.

  • Tracking at any level

    You can freely choose how you would like to organize your projects and customers. For example, you can decide whether you would like to book your times for special projects, subprojects, or directly for a customer (without project).

  • Fast keyboard entry

    We have devised a number of elements that enable you to enter your times as quickly as possible. This includes various optimized entry options for times, intelligent pre-selection in fields and auto-completing.

  • Stopwatch

    In addition to the “traditional” entry of your times, you can also use the stopwatch. Simply press “Start” when you begin a task and “Stop” when you are finished.

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Customers and projects

Managing customers and projects with askDANTE
  • Manage projects

    Your work times are booked to projects. You can also link the projects to a customer.

  • Manage customers

    Manage your customers and assign projects to them. This allows you to better compile and analyze sales and tasks for a customer.

  • Subprojects

    Any project in askDANTE can contain subprojects. This allows you to e.g. better categorize different budgets, hourly rates or order items.

  • Start- and completion data for projects

    Use the optional start- and completion data with projects to limit availability time for bookings. This will help you to avoid erroneous entries and to organize your selection lists more clearly.

  • Tasks

    Each entry can be assigned to a task. This can be important for assessing the hourly rate or the share of (non-) billable hours. Work is (currently) independent of projects, e.g. “programming,” “discussion,” “trip” etc.

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Hourly rates and budgets

  • Hourly rates, general

    You can enter your own hourly rates for all of your tasks. This allows you to set various rates for different services. With these hourly rates, askDANTE calculates how much you have earned.

  • Individual hourly rates

    Every customer is different and perhaps you have negotiated different rates for certain customers or projects. That’s why you can enter an hourly rate for each customer, project or subproject, which is then taken in place of the rates for the tasks.

  • Billable work

    Not all work can be invoiced. For each task, you can set whether it is billable or not. At the end of the month, you can see how many hours you spent with tasks that were unpaid ... and then optimize this.

  • Budgets

    askDANTE allows you to monitor arranged project budgets. These budgets can be entered as time quotas and then adhered to. Some analyses show you the current consumption of your time budget.

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User and account

  • Account management

    Once you have registered with askDANTE, you are the proud holder of an account. The holder can configure and manage the account. The tasks include management of credits.

  • User management for teams

    An account can have several users. You can set up access not only for yourself but also for team colleagues or staff members.

    The number of “active” users per calendar month is the basis for the consumption of your credits.

  • User authorization

    The users in your account can be granted varying user authorization levels. You can choose between “account holder,” “administrator” and “user.”

  • Credits account

    In the account, you can view all purchases and expenditures for your credits. It is similar to a bank account. This makes everything organized and transparent for you.

  • Purchase credits

    In account management, you can purchase new credits. This works just like in a normal webshop. Via PayPal, you can use all standard payment modes.

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Reports and analyses

  • Timesheets for users, projects and customers

    A timesheet (time tracking, hour logs) can be easily downloaded. Timesheets can refer not only to users but also projects, subprojects or customers.

  • Individual reporting

    In addition to the pre-made timesheets, you can also filter and compile your own list from the collected data. The lists can be downloaded and printed.

  • In-context reporting

    Everywhere in askDANTE you will find current reports for your selected areas at all times. This gives you the most important information at a glance without needing to prepare an extra report.

  • All downloads as PDF, Excel or CSV

    Time tracking data is the basis for management, documentation and invoicing. You can download all reports as PDFs for a clean print image or as Excel or CSV for further processing.

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Working time accounts, vacation, illness

  • Working time accounts

    You can enter not only the actual hours for you and your staff members (ACTUAL), but also the planned working time per month (TARGET). This allows you to keep time accounts for yourself and all users – so to speak, as a by-product of time tracking. The working time accounts include overtime, vacation entitlement and absences.

  • Holiday calendar

    For the working time accounts, all holidays on which work does not or is not to take place are required. This calendar can be individually customized for each company, depending on the country and region.

  • Vacation

    For many, vacation is the most wonderful time of the year. But for many workers, it’s very important to plan vacations in order to avoid bottlenecks. With askDANTE, anyone can enter vacation dates, share them, and locate them in the working time account.

  • Absence

    Unfortunately, a lot can happen within a year. Employees can become ill or otherwise hindered. These absences can be entered to ensure that working time accounts are correct.

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Design and interface

Themes for askDANTE time tracking
  • Responsive design

    Through the use of grids, the display of all functions and data is optimally adapted to your individual screen.

  • Optimized for touch interfaces

    The large tiles and buttons are not only easy to use with a mouse but also with a finger on a touch interface, e.g. tablet.

  • Individual themes

    Users can select their preferred “theme.” The theme determines the background image, colors, and transparencies. The user interface can be set based on personal taste or corporate identity.

  • Dashboard

    The homepage gives you a quick and customized overview of your collected data.

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Software for computers, smartphones and tablets

  • Touch-optimized interface

    Naturally, you can use askDANTE with any mobile device. Thanks to the large buttons and the adapted design, this is an especially good option on a tablet.

  • iOS App

    Install the free askDANTE app for iOS. You can freely track or display your times anywhere, or use the stopwatch.

  • Android App

    The free askDANTE app is also available for Android. You can freely track or display your times anywhere, or use the stopwatch.

  • Windows Stopwatch

    You can download this little tool for free. Once you have installed the program, you can directly record your times for askDANTE from your Windows Desktop. Very convenient.

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  • Archive

    You can archive data that you would no longer like to see displayed. All entries and links are maintained and can later be analyzed.

  • Internationalization

    English and German are currently offered as language options. Additional languages are to follow in future.

  • Currencies

    askDANTE can display any currency. Simply set the token for your desired currency in account.

  • Helping new customers get started: Trial data

    New customers can choose to access a pool of trial data for their trial periods. This allows you to get well familiarized with the options and concepts in askDANTE from the very beginning. If you then decide to productively use the system you can simply delete this data.

  • Search function “askDANTE”

    Collecting data is great, but finding that data later is even more important! With our search function, you can easily search keywords in your entire data inventory and easily locate the desired data.

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