Our customers

Quotation start We searched for over a year for time tracking software that would simplify our internal company processes. askDANTE was our first choice because it is intuitive and the software fulfils all of our requirements.“

Frupek UG, Kajetan Mischok
IT service provider

„As consultants, we searched for a tool like askDANTE for a long time. Finally, doing the monthly invoices is fun. Because askDANTE is so easy.“

ideas4hotels expert experience, Andreas Romani
Hotel consulting

„For us as an agency, mobile time tracking is an absolute must. askDANTE works both in a home office and at the workplace. Our employees are big fans of the smartphone app, because it’s lean and functional. Super!“

smit und partner, designer, Regina Smit
Design agency

„As a freelancer, askDANTE is the perfect tool because I’m on the go a lot and convenient and simple use with the mobile app is especially important for me.“

Tatjana Berg (M.Sc.)
Freelancer Marketing I Sales I Events

„The team at askDANTE is always there for me. Some of my personal requirements as an engineer flow directly into further development of the tool. Fantastic! And yet it’s still all at a good price.“

Ingenieurbüro Divisek, Martin Divíšek
Consulting engineer

„askDANTE has a very clear layout and is easy to use. I also like that the software is available as an app and provides a detailed analysis of hours worked.“

jumedia, Julia Hauser
Web agency

„As founder and employee who works shifts, askDANTE finally gives me the chance to effectively plan my time and to create space for new projects and for my family.“

beachy-brands, Sven Lehmann
concept I branding