Time tracking for startups

For firms, time tracking is an important tool for calculating, invoicing and controlling. That’s why startups should use time tracking software from the very beginning to ensure that their business concepts are successfully established on long term.

Time tracking for startups

Can the business plan be implemented as assumed? Have resources, such as work time and staff, been realistically included in the plan? Is the costing for the products or services correct? The initial period after founding a company is the most uncertain. That’s why it’s especially important for startups to collect important, reliable data at an early stage. From the start, time tracking software provides important information relating to work sequences, reveals aspects that can be optimized, and shows developments.

Basis for the calculation

For businesses, work time is money: The hours logged by employees serve as a basis for invoicing the customer or for price calculation. In the initial phase, it is especially important to examine whether work times have been realistically assessed or whether you need to charge more for products and services, or can offer them at a lower price.

Process optimization and resource distribution

Can meetings or internal communication be more effectively structured? From the beginning, the time tracking software identifies tasks requiring an unnecessary amount of time. It allows you to optimize your processes and prevents you from falling into inefficient work methods.

Especially the initial phase can be stressful in startups. Time tracking software shows where there is free capacity and ensures that employees have sufficient work but are not overburdened. Skills and talents can thereby be effectively utilized at an early stage.

Time tracking as part of the corporate culture

Time tracking isn’t always popular with employees. Some find detailed tracking of work time a nuisance or may even feel monitored. But when time tracking is part of the corporate culture from the beginning, and when the benefits it brings the company are illustrated, it is less likely that staff will object or refuse.

askDANTE – the ideal time tracking software for startups

With askDANTE, startups can professionally and intuitively track work- and project times - even on a small budget. The time tracking software is also ideal for businesses that would like to work with freelancers in the initial phase. Because askDANTE can be conveniently accessed at any time and with any device. Users can receive varying levels of authorization. Payment is made using a fair prepaid system without a subscription trap or cancellation terms. And, with the trial version, you can test askDANTE for 30 days for free!

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