Modern working environment: small companies face new work time tracking challenges

Compatibility of career and family, continued education, shortage of skilled workers, home office, and international orientation. In this day and age, time tracking in small companies must increasingly adapt to a changing working culture


A new kind of work culture arises

Value shifts, globalization, as well as seasonal and economic fluctuations make the recruitment and retention of employees one of the most important tasks for companies. Competition for good employees is fierce. The younger generation in particular holds high standards for their employers. This means that the compatibility of career and family as well as opportunities to take part in interesting continued education options have once again become the focal point of the so-called Generation Y. Added to that, many well-trained qualified employees and university graduates are migrating to highly populated hubs like Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich.


The rigid 8-hour job is a thing of the past

Anyone who wants to win the competition for the best minds must be able to offer employees attractive working conditions. The flexible work time model is a big part of this. In addition to flexible working hours, part-time models like job sharing or sabbaticals are also trending now. These are supplemented by acceptance of varied working locations, honor system working time, and the home office. Individually negotiated work contracts, as well as mixed teams composed of full-time employees, student assistants, and freelancers or seasonal workers complete this diverse picture of today's working culture. The result: Personnel planning as well as the management and compensation of working time are becoming ever more complex. Without technical help, efficient organization has become almost impossible to manage.


Flexible time tracking through terminal, browser, and mobile devices

On the technical side of things, time tracking using a terminal or PC is still the first choice for many companies. This solution does come with some great advantages. All personnel and customer data remains on the company’s own servers. But employees working out in the field or in a home office often don't have access to these systems. The integration of freelancers, who usually have to record their hours twice, is similarly complicated. The time tracking software askDANTE makes both possible since the data collected on a smartphone or tablet using the askDANTE app can easily be transfered to the system operated by the askDANTE software within the company. askDANTE also offers interesting bonus functions that can be adapted to meet the individual needs of your company.



Regardless whether cloud, private server or download version. Find your perfect solution for modern and cost-efficient time tracking now. We’ll be pleased to advise you.

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