How to save time in the morning

The alarm clock rings. Get up, shower, get dressed, grab something to eat on the way to work. If car keys are missing, stress levels rise. Those who plan their mornings well can start the day relaxed.



The evening before

A relaxed morning begins the evening before it. Here, you can get lots of tasks done that waste time in the morning. Therefore, in the evening:

Pack your bag: This will prevent lots of searching the next day. Plus, you will greatly reduce the risk of forgetting something.

Go through all your plans: Do I need to get gas before work and possibly get up earlier? Is everything ready for my presentation? Before you go to bed, you should go through all tasks for the next day.

Coordinate: Discuss the next day with your family or partner at dinner. This will save you time-consuming discussions in the morning.

Choose an outfit: What should I wear? In the evening you have time to think about this. You will also avoid morning stress with cleaning shoes or having to quickly iron something.

Prepare breakfast: In the evening, get the coffee machine ready and place rolls in the cold oven. In the morning, you’ll only have to switch everything on. This saves a lot of time that you can invest in more important things.

Key rack: Who doesn’t know this? You want to leave and can’t find your keys. By assigning a central place for things you take with you every day, you’ll save yourself lots of frustration.


In the morning

The bed is warm; the alarm clock rings for the third time and you hit the snooze button for another five minutes. But it’s better to get up right away. So...

Hands off the snooze button: Once we’re awake, five minutes is not going to make us feel more refreshed. On the contrary. Repeatedly hitting the snooze button only extends the torture of getting up.

Let there be light: Daylight quickly dispels all sleep hormones. So open the curtains or blinds as long as it is light mornings.

Have a clock in view: Only then can you see if you’re still on schedule.

Schedule bathroom times: A schedule for the bathroom saves a lot of stress with family or roommates in the morning. Make-up or drying hair can be done in the bedroom as well.

Shower: Cold water at the end is invigorating.

Breakfast: There’s only time for food and coffee when everything else that’s important has been taken care of. If your schedule is delayed in the morning you can take your coffee with you in a thermal mug. Naturally, it’s better for the soul to allow sufficient time for a relaxed breakfast in the morning. A personal tip from office dog Dante: Pack dog food in portions already in the evening so that the dog can start his next day in the office well nourished.

Don’t let your mood be ruined: Nobody wants to hear bad news in the morning. So keep the radio and TV off and listen to your favorite song on your mp3 player.

Changing morning routines will make you happy. So why not get up earlier once a month and take a little walk? Your family or partner will surely welcome some fresh pastries.

Don’t hurry: Hurrying everything doesn’t save time.

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