UPDATE - Work time accounts, team management, and vacation planning in one software

You want to use askDANTE to track not only the project and performance times, but also their work times? Our most recent update makes it all possible starting immediately. Also benefit from our new functions for team and vacation planning.


Flexible work time models have really taken root. Short period accounts in particular, which include simultaneous and corridor models as well as overtime accounts, are now a well-established part of work time management in a company. According to a study from the German Institute for Employment Research IAB (2012), every other company in Germany now uses this model; in 1992 it was just 25 percent in West Germany and four percent in East Germany.

Work culture itself is experiencing change as well. Companies are increasingly offering their employees the opportunity to freely choose where and when they work. Microsoft, for example, announced just a few days ago that the company would be doing away with compulsory office presence requirements completely. According to a press release, Bosch is also looking to support "the change from a presence-oriented culture to a more flexible, results-oriented culture." In order to ensure that there is a clear separation of work and free time, and to prevent the allowable working time from being exceeded, Bosch is also allowing work times and breaks to be determined in the home office.


Easily manage work time

This change also presents new challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Time tracking is now about more than just stamping. It essential that time tracking has the ability to be flexibly adjusted to meet the individual needs of the companies and staff, and it must support the management of different work time agreements. With askDANTE it is now possible to set up different work time accounts for your employees. No matter where, no matter how the hours are measured. With askDANTE it is now possible for your employees to easily record their working and break times using a terminal or virtual time punch clock.


Setting up work time accounts

The work time profiles are the cornerstone of work time recording in askDANTE. Here you can define when and how long your employees will work during the week. You can then assign the work time profiles to the appropriate employee profile. Hours from an old system can be transferred over quickly and easily. Target hours, vacation entitlement, and the work time profile are all entered into the employee profile. If the company location is selected, specific local holidays are also taken into account.


Performance time periods

A performance time period combines all hours of a month, a week, or a freely selected period. In the user overview you will receive a quick overview of all recorded work hours as well as vacation and absences. Forgotten entries can also be quickly recognized here.


Employee profiles

Employees that record their work time with askDANTE can access their tracked hours at any time. Under the menu item "My Profile" they will receive information about the target hours set up for them and the current status of the time account as well as sick leave taken and vacation requests. Here they will also find all setting options such as password changing, device settings, and a download function for the personal timesheet.


Organize vacation

With askDANTE it's easy to organize the vacation schedule. Your employees can enter a vacation request into his or her personal profile and also check the status of older requests. The attendance calendar gives everyone a good overview of when vacation can be taken and approved. Then team leaders can edit or approve vacation requests in the team cockpit.



Regardless whether cloud, private server or download version. Find your perfect solution for modern and cost-efficient time tracking now. We’ll be pleased to advise you.

Want to take a look at askDANTE first? Then test the software for 30 days free of charge and without obligation.

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