Time tracking with a stopwatch

Stopwatch? That sounds like Formula One lap times or timing a 100-meter sprint. We’ll show you how using a stopwatch for daily time tracking can make a whole lot of sense.

Time tracking with a stopwatch
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Until recently, you have only been able to record your work times and book them to customers or projects in askDANTE after the fact. Now askDANTE offers an additional stopwatch. This gives you more exact time tracking “live.”

How the stopwatch works

time tracking with stopwatch

You can access the stopwatch in several ways. The easiest way is the stopwatch tile on the homepage after login. It’s located in the “Times” section to the right of the calendar symbol. When you open the stopwatch, a dialog appears on the right screen margin with which you can control your time tracking live. Maybe you’ve noticed that the time list for today has simultaneously opened in the background? This allows you an overview of your recorded times at any moment.

Enter the project and task you would like to book in the stopwatch dialog and press the “Start” (Play) button. Now the stopwatch is running and all full minutes are counted.

Stopwatch is started – now what?

Now you can take care of your projects or customers. If necessary, you can also close the stopwatch (arrow above) – this will not cause it to stop. Above and to the right, in the “Flags,” you can see that the time continues to be tracked: A hand should be turning in the clock. Clicking on this brings you back to the current time recording.

So you can do whatever you like with askDANTE; the time will be recorded. You can also login or log out – it will continue until you stop the clock.

Stopwatch on any device

The stopwatch function is not only available in the web application of askDANTE but will also soon be accessible in the app (Android and iPhone) and in Windows Client. What’s special is that the stopwatches on all devices can be regularly synchronized with each other. For example, you can start travel time tracking before a journey on your computer at home and stop it on your iPhone once you have arrived at your customer’s premises. Changes in the description or booking are also regularly synchronized.

Lists or stopwatch – what type are you?

Whether one prefers to track work times subsequently in a list or “live” using a stopwatch is a very subjective matter. The stopwatch is well suited for a more exact recording. It tracks your work times down to the minute and concretely assigns them to projects, customers or tasks. From the very beginning, you will have documented your work day exactly and little things like phone calls or smaller work steps don’t get lost in your time tracking.

If you prefer lists then long-term use of the software isn’t necessary. You can work on your projects and then enter the time on your list at the end of the day or task. This can be a good conclusion and give you the chance to review projects or work steps again.

With the stopwatch, you’ll no longer need to ask the big question of our fast-paced times every evening: “Uh... what did I actually do this morning?” At least that’s how it often is for me. I’m done with lists. And you?

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