Time tracking at the terminal

askDANTE can now also be used with our time-tracking terminal. Terminals produced by the company Datafox are preconfigured with askDANTE software and can be individually customized to your company’s requirements.


Timesheets were yesterday

Lots of demands are placed on time tracking in businesses today. Varying work time models, mixed teams with employees and freelancers, office work and home office. At the same time, there is a greater need to track cost centers or project times exactly in order to sustainably optimize processes. And all this preferably worldwide and accessible at all times. Starting now, the time tracking software askDANTE combines mobile work and performance time tracking with classic solutions in companies.

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Time tracking, all in one

The benefits of time tracking with a terminal are clear. All personnel- and customer data, e.g., remains on the company’s own servers. However, a solution based on the classic time clock principle also has major disadvantages. Because staff working in a home office or on business trips and in field service are often unable to access these systems. The same applies to freelancers who often have to track their hours twice. The result is laborious management of data that is not very cost effective. Times tracked with the askDANTE app or Windows Client can be easily transferred to the terminal operated with askDANTE.


Time tracking can do more than stamp

In addition to the functions offered by askDANTE, such as timesheets, project times, reports and invoices, Datafox terminals can be furnished with features that are new and interesting for the respective company. Why not already order lunch in the cafeteria while clocking in? Or remind an employee to turn in his/her request for vacation leave? askDANTE can be seamlessly integrated into company processes.



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