Registration with Facebook & Co

With the new social logins via Google+ and Facebook, askDANTE offers simple and fast registration for testing online time tracking. And also a single sign-on for networked people.

Registration with Facebook & Co

Software for time tracking? Sounds interesting. I’m going to try it! That’s what many think at first. But then they find themselves in the middle of registration. E-mail is required, of course; I may need a new password, and I might have to enter even more information. I’ll receive the activation link by e-mail. Once access has been obtained, a person has often moved on to something else on the web. There’s got to be a better way.

That’s why askDANTE now supports the option to register with Google+ and Facebook. Just two clicks and 10 seconds are needed to gain trial access. As the personal data is directly transferred, it does not need to be separately entered.

Single sign-on for networked people

And this new option is extremely popular: The majority of registrations are made using social logins. But it is still too early for statistical statements. The third social login is with LinkedIn, which has been planned and will be available shortly.

Naturally, the social login can also be used to register for daily use. askDANTE does not force its users to note another login and password. This allows you to easily and securely track your time anywhere and on any device.

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