First video tutorial is out now

Now that the software itself is released in its first stable version, we can start to improve our support and information media on the homepage. Our first step is a tutorial video about the basic usage of askDANTE.

I know myself best. I am lazy and i don't want to read long text pages about software features in the internet. Whenever i am looking at a new software or a new online service, "tours" or tutorial videos are my first stop.

That's why we decided to produce some tutorial videos for askDANTE. Our first tutorial is online on youtube now:

Application Basics:

The tutorial contains the basic usage of askDANTE, available functions and menues on the screen ... and it finally uncovers some special concepts.

We plan to produce more tutorials in the future, about e.g.

  • the time tracking functions
  • how to build up customers, projects and activities
  • reporting
  • screen customization

All videos will be produced in english and in german audio language.

The best way to stay tuned is to subscribe to one of our social media pages (facebook, google etc.).

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