Buy askDANTE instead of leasing

Would you like to run askDANTE on your company’s servers? Starting now, you can also buy our tool as software for downloading. Updates and support are free during the first year and can be purchased at a reasonable price after that.


The time-tracking software for your server

Data management via company servers is the trend. Shared, flexible access to all work-relevant documents via networks has long replaced the personal computer as an “island.” This particularly applies to tracking work times because, in addition to individual employees, other company departments such as human resources need to access this information. With the download version of askDANTE, you maintain full control over the administration of the software on your server, without needing to sacrifice the advantages of our time-tracking tool. Product updates are provided to you for uploading and are included in the price during the first year.


Easy management of work times

Whether field service, office or shop. Time tracking with askDANTE means multi-device data tracking via smartphones, tablets, desktop personal computers and time-tracking terminals. Because data tracked with askDANTE can be easily transferred to the system on your server with askDANTE software. This saves you lots of effort and thereby money for managing work times. Our software package is offered in various dimensions, each containing a maximum number of users that can be simultaneously activated. The license can be extended to include additional users at any time.

You can find information and rates for askDANTE software here.


Regardless whether cloud, private server or download version. Find your perfect solution for modern and cost-efficient time tracking now. We’ll be pleased to advise you.

Want to take a look at askDANTE first? Then test the software for 30 days free of charge and without obligation.

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