askDANTE in the Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store offers lots of useful and entertaining apps for the Chrome browser - askDANTE is now one of them. And if you use the Chrome App Launcher and our Social Login, you can start time tracking directly from your desktop.

askDANTE in the Chrome Web Store

Chrome is the most-used browser in the world, as shown in current statistics from January 2014 by statista. But are askDANTE users also following this trend? The web analysis shows the following: Most website visits took place via Safari. This indicates that our target group is a bit ahead of its time and works a great deal with tablets. That’s why we have optimized our website specifically for displaying on an iPad. However, Google Chrome actually ranks second among most-used browsers.

Start askDANTE conveniently and easily

askDANTE in the Chrome Web Store

That’s enough reason for us to offer askDANTE in the Chrome Web Store. With one click, users can add our software to their Chrome apps. The shortcut at chrome://apps leads directly to the login for online time tracking. Whoever additionally uses the Chrome App Launcher can start all apps installed via the Web Store using the taskbar of Windows or Mac OS, even when the Chrome browser is not being currently used.

Social Login with Google+

And it gets even better: Since recently, we have also been offering a Social Login for askDANTE with Facebook and Google+. If you register for our time tracking with the latter and are logged into Chrome with your Google account, askDANTE can be started directly using the taskbar and, with just a click, lands on the dashboard. This makes time tracking with askDANTE even easier and more convenient.

Starting askDANTE from the desktop – this is how it works!

  • Register for askDANTE with the SocialLogin of Google+
  • Download Google Chrome and install the browser on your computer
  • Login to the Chrome browser with your Google login
  • Add askDANTE from the Web Store to your Chrome apps
  • Activate the Chrome App Launcher; a link to your Chrome apps will automatically be created in the taskbar of your computer
  • Move the askDANTE icon to your desktop so that you can directly access the software via this link

If you have any questions, we will be glad to help!

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