About 'Dante'

One question you may ask is: 'Who is Dante?'. Dante is the little dog which accompanies us in our office two to three days a week. Now you may ask: 'Why did you name the software like your dog?'

About 'Dante'

The answer is quite easy: all top level domain names for our new product were available with this name.

First, we tried out a whole bunch of artifical product names, which contained words like 'time' or 'tracker' etc.. Then we startet searching for typical web 2.0 names. But the result was that we couldn't find a fitting name with available top level domain names.

Then, one day in deep despair, our designer had the idea to call the software 'askDANTE'. And after a little discussion, we found out that our software and our dog really had a great deal in common:

  • it joins us every day
  • it knows what we are doing
  • if it could speak, it could help us remembering things
  • and finally: dealing with Dante should be fun

 Now you know the truth. It's not about italian writers from the middle ages – it's about a dog.

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