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Buy askDANTE instead of leasing

Thursday, 06.10.2016

Servernet Vorschau

Would you like to run askDANTE on your company’s servers? Starting now, you can also buy our tool as software for downloading. Updates and support are free during the first year and can be purchased at a reasonable price after that....

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Five rules for getting the most out of your breaks

Thursday, 06.10.2016

Panda Vorschau

Every 60 to 90 minutes the body needs a break in order to stay fit. So having regular little chats with colleagues in the kitchen or stretching your legs doesn’t mean you’re lazy but increases your efficiency. ...

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Time tracking at the terminal

Thursday, 22.09.2016


askDANTE can now also be used with our time-tracking terminal. Terminals produced by the company Datafox are preconfigured with askDANTE software and can be individually customized to your company’s requirements....

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How to save time in the morning

Thursday, 15.09.2016


The alarm clock rings. Get up, shower, get dressed, grab something to eat on the way to work. If car keys are missing, stress levels rise. Those who plan their mornings well can start the day relaxed....

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Modern working environment: small companies face new work time tracking challenges

Tuesday, 13.09.2016

KMU Vorschau

Compatibility of career and family, continued education, shortage of skilled workers, home office, and international orientation. In this day and age, time tracking in small companies must increasingly adapt to a changing working culture...

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What makes good teams successful

Sunday, 04.09.2016

erfolgreiche Teams Vorschau

Several brains think better than one. But what characterizes a group of people who successfully take on a project together?...

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8 Things you should do at the end of the work day

Thursday, 01.09.2016


The last hour of a work day can significantly influence the next day’s productivity. If you develop a routine for ending your day, you will have a fresh and inspired start the next morning. ...

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9 tips for effective time management

Thursday, 25.08.2016

Zeitmanagement Vorschau

Stress and working late into the night to meet deadlines. Promising projects that are neglected or forgotten. Often the problem is not a lack of time but the wrong time management. Our 9 tips for effective use of time....

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